Assistant teacher & Performer

    Frances Lawrence is one half of RÆCE, the London-
    based dance partnership known for fusing
    Contemporary with Afro-Caribbean movement.
    And a twice featured Profundo! guest teacher and
    performer with RÆCE at Cuban Rhum Jungle.

    Frances began dancing aged 3, starting with
    Ballroom & Latin American dance, and danced this
    for the next fifteen years. This extensive training
    gave her essential partnering skills that she went
    on to apply to social dance. Has also spent time in
    Santiago de Cuba. Her knowledge encompasses
    casino, son, rueda, rumba, Afro-Cuban, chachacha,
    and reggaeton. Her authentic cultural experience
    in Cuba shaped her dancing style into one that is
    not only intrinsically and authentically Cuban, but
    is also complimented by a wider knowledge of
    Cuban dance evolution, cultural immersion and
    fluency in Spanish

Frances also brings a broad dance experience; a recent Dance
Graduate from London Metropolitan University, her Foundation
Degree included a heavy focus on dances of the African Diaspora and
the Caribbean, alongside Contemporary Dance and Ballet plus
independent training in Argentine Tango, Kizomba, Swing and Hip-
Hop, all flavours which she brings to her unique salsa style.  
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