Teacher & Performer

    A South Londoner born and bred, Amanda took her first
    foray into the world of dance at the tender age of three,
    studying ballet and tap dance. Trained as an athlete to
    representing her school, before she got her very first taste
    of salsa when back in 2001, under her mum's influence, she
    took her first salsa lesson and was immediately placed in the
    intermediate class!

    Amanda soon absorbed herself in the London salsa scene
    and sticking to her south London roots was a regular down
    at the Mambo Inn and Bar Lorca on Brixton Road, later
    gravitating up to the West End - Havana in Hanover Square
    becoming a regular Monday night haunt.

    In 2004 Homero González, London’s original Cuban dance
    master, approached Amanda and invited her to become a
    member of his Cuban dance troupe and she dived into a
    world she grew to love – the spectacular cosmos of Afro-
    Cuban dance. Amanda has regularly performed at the
    renowned Floridita and Carnival De Cuba as well as many
    other clubs, events, congresses and functions.
Also with dance companies; Salsa Cubana, Andrea Stewart and more recently
Oi Brasil! and Cubaneando.

Anyone who’s seen Amanda’s breathtaking style and sabor on the dance floor
will understand why this is one element she’s keen to transmit to her female
students, knowing full well that a sense of style and feeling in their body
movement helps women to build their confidence and enjoy dancing even more.

Amanda’s also a stunning reggaeton dancer, having danced at many events
and concerts, including with artists Leximan at the Don Omar concert
, Award
winning Cuban artist Papo Record
and MC Magico at the Jazz Cafe and Carnival
De Cuba.

Also a qaulified Zumba fitness instrutor.

Amanda performing Cuban cabaret
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