Basic Moves From Beginner to Improver Level

We really hope this learning aid will support you as you progress on
your Cuban salsa journey. The list  contains a basic set of moves, laid
out in alphabetical order learnt in our first three levels of casino (Cuban
Style Salsa). It is by no means comprehensive as there are many
variations of these but rather acts as a basic framework. The
translations are not literal but rather designed to help you recall the
move more clearly, where possible..

Abanico - Fan

Bayamo - (Name Of A Cuban City)

Casino - Basic Step (Simple)
Coca Cola
- Complete

Dile Que No - Tell Her No (Cuban Cross Body)
Dile Que No Por Atrás - Tell Her No And send Her Behind
Dile Que Si - Tell Her Yes
Dedo - Finger

Enchúfala - Plug Her In
Enchúfala A Lo Moderno - Plug Her In In The Modern Way
Enchúfala Doble - Plug Her In Twice
Enchúfala Doble por Atrás - Plug Her In Twice And Go Behind
Enchúfala y Quédate - Plug Her In And stay Where You Are

Gaupea - Basic Step (Detailed)


La Prima
- The Cousin
La Prima y La Hermana - The Cousin And The Sister

Montaña - Mountain

Nudo - Knot

Panque - Pancake
Paséala - Pass her By You
Pasea Y Complicate - A Walk And Complicate Yourself

Sácala - Take Her Out
Setenta - Seventy
Setenta y Dos - Seventy Two
Setenta y Uno - Seventy One
Sombrero - Hat
Sombrero Complicado
- Complicated Hat
Sombrero Por Atrás - Hat And Send Her Behind
Sombrero Por Debajo - Hat And Go Under

Vacílala - Show Her Off

Yogur - Yogurt