Artists - Raece dancers

RÆCE is the London-based dance partnership of Frances Lawrence and Rachael

Both trained classically and in African & Caribbean Peoples dance. Together they
perform with the well established contemporary dance company ConnectingVibes.
Rachael and Frances joined forces through a shared love for African movement and it's
influential force throughout the history of dance.
RÆCE is an adventure to watch, blending polyrhythmic Afro-Caribbean movement with
a flawless Contemporary technique to produce unique dance architecture.
Just in a short space of time, RÆCE are fast becoming a very well recognisable and
respected dance formation in their own right within the dance world; numerous stage
performances and had been invited to perform at the prestigous Blueprint dance event

With an inimitable blend of African, Caribbean and Contemporary technique, they
deliver workshops that not only provide students with a dual perspective of the
achingly new and the deeply ancient, but also a unique way of approaching and
learning dance through fusion of styles and ideas.