How can I develop my salsa dancing quickly?

For us the answer in a nutshell is really simple - lots and lots of

Regular lessons of course are a great opportunity to get to grips with
the nitty gritty of salsa - musicality, body isolation, steps and
connection with our partners. Though while we naturally get practice
of what we're doing within the classes,  the main focus is on
introducing new elements and reviewing those we've already visited.

In our opinion, the real transformation takes place on the dance floor.
Once the classes are over and that beautiful music is playing, you
have the chance to really practice in depth what you've been looking
at in the lesson, internalising what you've learnt and  incorporating it
into the way you and your partner move and feel.

This really is the main reason we offer a club environment after the
classes. We actively want you to be able to practice, develop and
enjoy the joy and unleashed creativity that salsa dancing brings.

See you on the dance floor, then.