I consider myself a complete, two-left-footed non-dancer – can I
really learn salsa?

If you've clicked through to this page, let us say right at the outset
that we have a bit of a different take on the idea of someone actually
being a non-dancer. We believe dancing is an innate human ability -
we only need to look at  toddlers to see them moving rhythmically
from their hips when music is played to see that's true. However, to
what degree that ability is nurtured and developed depends hugely
on the environment you grow up in.

Generally, people who  grow up in countries like Cuba , where
syncopated music and social dance is an integral and celebrated part
of their culture, develop confidence at an early age. But, and this is
really important, it's not because they're
born better dancers, it's
simply that as they grow, everything they need to develop that
confidence is in place. Just as it is when you learn your first language,
which is why learning a second language as an adult is potentially so
much more challenging.  But very achievable.

Bearing this in mind, what we do at Cuban Rhum Jungle is create a
relaxed, secure and friendly environment where  you can progress
gently through the basic elements at your own pace, while being
supported and encouraged all the while. Believe us, you'll be amazed
at the progress you make when you realise that, absolutely yes, you
can learn salsa. And how!
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