We no longer have our weekly cuban salsa classes. Should you fancy a
Cuban party or try something different for an office team building event or
festival etc...
ere's what classes we can offer...

    Class levels we offer for private lessons or parties:

Can be taught by one teacher or a couple, and be specific to a level, or a
general fun class for all.

    Absolute Beginners
If you have never danced salsa, or not tried Cuban style salsa, or crossing
over from crossbody/new york style salsa.
    Beginners 2
This level: If you have danced salsa for 1 month or more. With an
understanding and knowledge of basic steps and timing.
This level: If you have danced for 3-6months. With an understanding of
basic steps, leading and following, knowledge of basic casino moves. Or
have danced salsa but not for a while and need a little reminder.
This level: If you have danced salsa for 6-12 months. Can confident lead
and follow basic and more complicated casino moves.

This level: If you have danced salsa for at least 2 years. For Advanced,
professional or experienced dancers, giving added depth, creativity, motion
and new challenges to your already amazing dancing on the dance floor.
Talented and innovative guest teachers specialising in Cuban salsa, and
teaching of high challenging standard. Varied with new styles, movements
and genres. Feeding your expression and dance.
Click here for more info on Profundo!

Private classes:
Private lessons have been a great way to assist your dancing progression
and zone in on specific points on a one to one basis.
Should you be interested in a private lesson. Please contact by telephone
or email

To suit all team building, animations, corporate parties or private